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of Mary Immaculate of

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate of Guadalupe understand that faith is not just something that is taught in religion class, but something that permeates every aspect of life.


We strive to create a school environment that is grounded in Catholic values and teachings.

Daughters of Mary Immaculate of Guadalupe
Guadalupanos Plancartinos Schools

Our Founding Father

Jose Antonio Plancarte y Labastida was a Mexican diocesan priest who became an Abbot of the Shrine of Guadalupe in Mexico City. He founded our religious order, The Daughters of Mary Immaculate of Guadalupe, on February 2, 1878.


He was acknowledged by our Pope Francis as Venerable Jose Antonio Plancarte y Labastida on January 24, 2020.


Our Mission

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate of Guadalupe are a religious Mexican order that has as its mission the education of children and youth, care of the sick and missions that evangelize others through education and hospitals.


Our History at Immaculate Conception

Father Michael Enright, priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago and at the time, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church, invited our order to help him visualize his dream of transforming our neighborhood and Immaculate Conception School.


He too was in sync with the same ideals as our Founding Father, Jose Antonio Plancarte y Labastida, which was to offer excellent Catholic education and making it accessible to those in the most need.


Through the missionary work of our religious order, Daughters of Mary Immaculate of Guadelupe, we are committed to serving God and the Church through our work in education.

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Our Commitment to Education

Teaching is the charismatic intuition that our Founder received from the Holy Spirit, so our dedication to teaching is fulfilling our commitment and missionary journey.


Through the action of sharing with others of what we have received and learned we share our own faith and love and passion for the Lord.

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